FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions:

Why didn't I receive an email?

With every order you will receive an order confirmation email. In case you didn't receive any email, please verify your filled in email address and let us know in case the email address is incorrect. If you are sure your email address is correct, please check your SPAM or JUNK mail folder. It is possible that your mail server (or from your internet provider) our email identifies as spam.



What is the deliverytime?

The deliverytime lies in general between 1 and 6 weeks, but can be longer, depending on your location (for example: the deliverytime lies in general between 1 and 2.5 weeks for the Netherlands and Belgium). USB4ALL delivers all products for a reasonable price. This is possible, because we work with our Asian partners, who will send all products directly from Asia to our customers. 



How can I pay for my order?

If you have a bankaccount in Euros, you can pay by banktransfer (USB4ALL will not be responsible for ANY transfer costs) in Euros only (we do NOT accept any other currency if you pay by banktransfer). Or you can pay for your order by Paypal (without extra costs).

If you lost the payment information, please mail to us.



Is it possible to order USB drives with a (company)-Logo?

Of course we can deliver the USB drives also with a Logo. Please mail us for the possibilities.



What should I do in case an USB/PEN drive is not working?

Please download the software h2testw and use this software to check if the USB/PEN drive really isn't working correctly.

If the software shows errors, please mail these to us together with a description of the failure or problem.

You can download this software via following link (or you can search for this software by yourself in any search engine):

h2testw downloaden



Why do the prices of the USB/PEN drives change sometimes?

The prices of the USB/PEN drives depend on the worldwide demand of the memory-chips inside the USB/PEN drives. The prices of memory-chips are constantly changing and also it depends of the memory-sizes. The memory-sizes are getting bigger and the smaller memory-sizes are getting more expensive due to this.