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USB4ALL delivers products for a cheap price. This is possible through cooperation with our Asian partners who ship the products direct to our customers. USB4ALL.com is Dutch, so besides English you can also communicate with us in Dutch (even German if you like).

Shipment of all products will be from Asia with standard airmail, unless agreed differently (DHL etc. is also possible depending on the size of the order).

The deliverytime lies in general between 1 and 6 weeks depending on your location, but this could be longer! Deliverytime in Europe lies mostly between 1 and 3 weeks.

Be aware:

USB4ALL cannot take ANY responsibility in case any order will take longer than the average deliverytime. Even in the case of special shipment arrangements like DHL or other courier companies, we cannot 100% garuantee the delivery time!

Check if your address information is correct AND fully filled in (house number is sometimes forgotten).

If you find a mistake in your information please mail us directly. If you created a full account (and not ordered by guest) you can correct this by yourself by logging into your account and update your information. BUT please ALWAYS also mail to us, since when we shipped your order already it is your OWN responsibility if there is ANY mistake in your information.

If you didn't receive a confirmation email, please verify your email address and if this is correct, please check your SPAM or JUNK mail folders. It is possible that our mail is seen as SPAM by your mail server.



ALL extra costs such as customs and import duties are ALWAYS to be paid by yourself as the customer.

USB4ALL.com can never be held responsible for any extra costs at all times!

With every order you are accepting our terms and conditions



For USB/PEN drives and other equipment the manufacturer uses OTHER calculation models than your computer does!

  • The capacity of USB/PEN drives is calculated as follows:
    • 1 GB = 1000 MBytes
    • 1 MB = 1000 kBytes
    • 1 kB = 1000 bytes
    • 32 GB = 32000000000 bytes
  • The storage and memory capacity on computers is calculated as follows:
    • 1 GB = 1024 MBytes
    • 1 MB = 1024 kBytes
    • 1 kB = 1024 bytes
  • A USB/PEN drive of 32GB will be recognized on the computer (which can differ for EACH computer!) as a capacity of:
    • 32000000000 bytes = 31250000 kBytes
    • 31250000 kbytes = 30157.58 Mbytes
    • 30157 Mbytes = about 29.8 Gbytes

This table gives an ESTIMATE of the capacity your computer will show (BE AWARE: this can differ per computer!):

  4GB capacity: the capacity according the computer lies between 3.5-3.8GB.
  8GB capacity: the capacity according the computer lies between 7.2-7.6GB.
16GB capacity: the capacity according the computer lies between 14.5-15.2GB.
32GB capacity: the capacity according the computer lies between 28.8-29.8GB.
64GB capacity: the capacity according the computer lies between 57.6-59.5GB.

With ordering any USB/PEN drive from USB4ALL, you accept that you are aware and have knowledge about the calculation of the capacity by your computer or other devices and the fact that this is NOT 100% equal as the capacity for which the USB/PEN drive is listed.

ALL big brand names, such as Sandisk, Kingston etc. are using the same methods for capacity calculations.

Read and write-speed of the USB/PEN drives:

The read and write-speed of the USB/PEN drives can differ per drive! Standard our USB/PEN drives using the USB 2.0 protocol, unless otherwise noted. Please note that the speed under Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10 can vary A LOT. Formatting the USB/PEN drive with the NTFS format helps to increase the speed, but it might be that some equipment (like TV or media box) cannot use the NTFS format.


All products have a warranty. In general the warranty is 6 months. If a product is not available anymore USB4ALL.com will provide a solution (either similar product or refund your money). Also if a product shows defects after the warranty period, USB4ALL can in most cases provide a solution. Please always contact USB4ALL if you have any problem, so we can provide a good solution. Of course any warranty will not cover any defects which are due to incorrect usage or if the product is damaged by yourself (like a product which is breakable which has been dropped etc.).




All images on our website are as much as possible equal to the products (most are actual photo's of the products), however these are meant to show the products and there can be small deviations with respect to the real product. For example, the colors or model can be slightly different if you see the product in real life compared to a photo of the product.



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Disclaimer: The terms and conditions of the USB4ALL website can be changed at any time without the need of notifying the customer and are with reservation of any typing or spelling mistakes etc. It is your own responsibility to keep up to date of our delivery terms and conditions.